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Environmental Stewardship

 The so-called "environmental stewardship" is a "contract environmental services", mainly refers to environmental services companies for the government, for enterprises, for the park to provide contractual comprehensive environmental services, and depending on the final results of pollution control or revenue to charge, is an emerging new business model for the management of environmental pollution.


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The so-called "environmental steward" is a kind of "contract environmental service", which mainly refers to the environmental protection service enterprises to provide contract-based comprehensive environmental protection services for the government, enterprises and parks, and charge according to the final pollution control results or benefits, which is an emerging new business model for controlling environmental pollution.

On April 2016, 4, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the Guiding Opinions on Actively Playing the Role of Environmental Protection in Promoting Supply-Side Structural Reform (Huan Qiang [15] No. 2016), which pointed out: "Promote the development of environmental consulting services, encourage industrial parks with the capacity to hire third-party professional environmental protection service companies as "environmental stewards", and provide integrated environmental protection services and solutions such as monitoring, supervision, construction and operation of environmental protection facilities, and pollution control to the parks". As a result, the concept of "environmental steward" was formally proposed in the field of environmental protection.

In the increasingly strict situation of environmental protection, environmental protection ability is also a necessary ability for the survival and development of enterprises. As a professional "environmental protection housekeeper", he can not only identify the main links of pollution control and outstanding problems with hidden risks, but also prescribe diagnosis and treatment "prescriptions", which can not only effectively reduce the cost of enterprise pollution control, but also effectively improve the ability of enterprises to control pollution.

The duties of an environmental steward

"Environmental protection housekeeper" through regular "physical examination" and "consultation", timely early warning and targeted measures, so as to avoid the occurrence of environmental accidents, let professional people do professional things. Specifically, it can be divided into:


1) Responsible for carrying out comprehensive environmental protection housekeeping services for enterprises and parks, including daily environmental protection consultation, on-site inspection, summary of relevant information, basic environmental verification and other reports;

2) Participate in the preparation of common environmental protection consulting projects such as environmental impact assessment and precautionary plans;

3) Communicate and coordinate with government departments, park management departments, business owners, etc.;

4) Assist the company's testing, engineering, environmental consulting and other departments to carry out on-site work.


1) Guide, help and cooperate with enterprises to screen environmental pollution control facilities (equipment technology) construction (supply) units, assist enterprises to collect and complete the preparation of environmental pollution control facilities (equipment) feasibility plan data and data collection, and coordinate the preliminary preparation of the project (reconstruction and expansion);

2) Cooperate with the enterprise to supervise the construction unit to complete the project construction (reconstruction and expansion) task on time with quality and quantity, and assist in completing the completion acceptance;

3) Cooperate with enterprises to establish and improve the operation management system of pollution control facilities (combined with the characteristics of the enterprise's own management, establish and improve the internal environmental management system of the enterprise, and continuously improve it according to the operation situation

4) Guide, help and cooperate with enterprises to implement supervision and daily inspection according to the operation management system (operation and maintenance manual) of enterprise pollution control;

5) Guide, help and cooperate with enterprises to standardize the operation of environmental protection facilities (focusing on standardized operation and record standardization, and does not involve third-party governance or trusteeship operation);

6) Guide, help and cooperate with enterprises to respond to the supervision and rectification of environmental protection departments (meet the supervision of environmental protection departments and follow-up problem rectification countermeasures);

7) Timely discover and report environmental pollution, deal with social operation faults and existing problems, and assist enterprises to do a good job in facility maintenance.


1) Assist enterprises in handling pollution discharge permit application, change, renewal and other business;

2) Assist enterprises to establish pollution source monitoring data records and pollution control facility operation management accounts;

3) Formulate a self-monitoring plan for enterprises that meet the requirements of specifications, and assist enterprises to contact testing institutions to set up monitoring points, determine monitoring indicators and frequency, on-site sampling and data collation, analysis, consultation, etc.;

4) Assist enterprises to prepare quarterly, semi-annual and annual implementation reports and environmental protection accounts of pollution discharge permits, and do a good job in the post-pollution discharge management mechanism for enterprises;


1) Provide a full range of consulting and services for hazardous waste generating units, government departments, industrial parks and other customers, such as diagnosis and consultation of hazardous waste problems, guidance and training on standardized management of hazardous waste, consultation and interpretation of policies and regulations, consultation on hazardous waste transfer and disposal, identification of hazardous waste characteristics, and emergency consultation of hazardous waste;

2) Accurately match supply and demand, solve customer problems, and reduce customer hazardous waste management costs.

Shenzhen Seaview Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, located in the forefront of reform and opening up special economic zone, socialist pilot demonstration zone Shenzhen, the company's business covers environmental consulting, online monitoring, environmental engineering, operation and maintenance and other environmental protection fields, is a collection of research and development, production, sales, engineering general contracting, operation and maintenance in one of the comprehensive environmental protection suppliers. Since its establishment, Seaview Environmental Protection has served 10000,<>+ enterprises and institutions, and has long provided high-quality and efficient environmental protection butler services for the majority of parks and enterprises!

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